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    I work in a Restaurant, and i do a sport college.
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    Counter Strike Source and girls
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    Dishwasher :D
  1. New recruits....

    Eey guys welcome to the Club! I'll catch u guys up on Teamspeak!! Sam.
  2. .TuG. CS:S Public Server - Custom Maps

    Just 1 surf map because this 1 ROCKS!! http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Games/CS:S%20Maps/surf_greatcanal_v2_fix.rar\ Sam.
  3. .TuG. Psychostats ONLINE

    I think all of that is because of there isnt a config on it ( public config ) or maybe because of the new mani it doesnt launch the config automaticly? Same for the Match server i have to do 3x RR by hand ftw Sam.
  4. Nice! But where are the screenshots . Sam.
  5. Movies !

    Check these movies on the website there amazing !! http://abfhm.com/video The adult 1s are crazy man :biggrin: ( NO real sex things just Funny! ) Sam.
  6. ~~Movies~!!

    Here some Speed kills http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/akawp.wmv EnJoy, Sam.
  7. ~~Movies~!!

    Here again after some long time away i made some quick movies, just sit back and chill + dont expect anything special Some shots with me and FATOX http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/crazy.wmv How to pwn on a public when ur the last man standing in your team ( 1 << Me VS 6 ) http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/public.wmv And the final one, but not finished yet.... This is gona be my real movie with all my scenes in it.. its just an intro but chill em http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/Tha%20movie.wmv Chill it and drink beer . Greetings, Sam aKa P0rnstar !
  8. New recruit coco

    Yooow m8, Welcome in the team Come on TeamSpeak to see where we play Ciao, Sam.!
  9. Banned for an unknown reason.

    Wierd your banned again, im sure i unbaned you... I just saw ur we're banned again so i unbaned u again m8. Gl and Hf on the server get some ppl in it Greetings, Sam.
  10. Banned for an unknown reason.

    Heey there m8... I dont know how thingz went but i dont think any TuG would ban you with no reason unless people hack, i think it must be a mistake so i'll unban you now........ Yep your ready to rock on the Dust2 server gain . I'll ask J-Style what really happend and post here the awnser if u still interest in the awnser. Take Care, Sam. PS. Welcome to the forums 2 bad it had to goes this way but u should check the Counter-Strike:Source There are some movies i made .
  11. ~~Movies~!!

    Yooohooo... Here a new 1 of today these kills are c00l http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/Sam@funny.wmv Also look at the layout of where my info (money,health etc.) is . Have Fun Sam.
  12. Hey TuG

    Yoow, i'll add you to my Xfire, and i will give u the IP and PW from the Teamspeak server so u can join us with some fun and matches Take it easy, Sam.
  13. ~~Movies~!!

    I just made this 1 yesterday night, took some work and im not really happy about all the edits but ok here we go: http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/SamATawp.wmv Sam.
  14. ~~Movies~!!

    hehe very nice shot m8!!! that 1 will get in the .TuG. movie:wink: Sam.