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  1. ViRuSsS

    happy burpday Mr Virussss

    Thank You my dear friends!!!!!!!!I am having fun!!!
  2. ViRuSsS

    New Full Member - Nip/Tuck2000

    HEy Guys.....Welcome Nip/Tuck.....Have Fun!
  3. ViRuSsS

    My new mouse

    And my new laptop....
  4. ViRuSsS


    lool.....i miss u guys!!!we have to make an appointment,really
  5. ViRuSsS


    hey guys...in just a few days i can present my new aquisition... It's an AlienWare Notebook at 3.6 Ghz ::: 3 Gb ram ::: 256Mb Video Card ::: Hdd (200 Gb)...I'm so excited... And Now....Let's Rock
  6. ViRuSsS


    On the market it is valued at 3000 $ but i have some friends that take this directtly from the producer and i pay for it just 1000 $...It's not so much ....It's cool buddy... imagine 3.6 Ghz and 3 Gb / Ram
  7. ViRuSsS

    New (OLD) Member - .TuG.Cloud

    HeLLoOoOoOoOoO . . .
  8. ViRuSsS

    New Full Member - .TuG.Spiler

    I love to hear that my dear neighbour is in our klan....uhhh!!! Enjoy staying here my dear friend , and feel like home...hi-hi-hi:biggrin:
  9. ViRuSsS

    new full member DaBoOoOo

    Welcome to the fraternity
  10. ViRuSsS

    Archived Requests

    Welcome to HELL baby!!!Kidding....Welcome,anyway
  11. ViRuSsS

    new full member *ReXoNa*

    Welcome dude...glad to have u in our team!
  12. ViRuSsS

    Happy New Year!!!

    I`m happy that i joined this klan , and you`re really cool all of you.I wish u a HappY NeW YeaR!!!It`s me in the PICTURE:blink:
  13. ViRuSsS

    Merry Christmas to all!

    I wish all of u
  14. ViRuSsS

    Who's Playing

    I'm on TS allmost all the time from 14:00 GMT until late in the night....I play GR...
  15. ViRuSsS

    new GR recruit spiler

    Hello Spiler in .TuG. Team Family...by the way ,Spiler is my neighbour... and my best friend...together we'll kick more buts..:D:D
  16. ViRuSsS


    How can i get an avatar with .TuG. logo and my name???
  17. ViRuSsS


    Thank you guys ......i'm glad to be in your team now....I won't let you down,promise
  18. woow.......that are real weapons???:Dcause it doesn't seems to be paintball or something?whick of that is u? Greetings...see you gaming
  19. The perfect beer is Bud-14% alcohol...I love that:D....what do u say ???
  20. ViRuSsS


    Hello dude....didi u fixed youre laptop?
  21. ViRuSsS

    another full member

    thank's guys...i'm glad to be a full member
  22. ViRuSsS

    hi all :D

    ok.....good question RipYouALL....i am a recruit too
  23. ViRuSsS

    new recruit

    No,i don`t think so........GhostRecon is the best.....come and play and u will see....i played Cs for 4 years but it don't worth anymore....GR is much better ...
  24. ViRuSsS


    keep in touch
  25. ViRuSsS

    new recruit

    Ford,you haven't seen me playin`,cause u don't play GR I guess....Don`t u???? Love U Guys....all of you....Keep working on Stealth Recon 2005...u did a good job until now...Kick them Buts