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    Beaver Trapping, Skinning beavers, making beaver hats, collecting famous beaver trappers cards, work
  1. Calling ALL .TuG:'s Please Help

    ya i see that---- Maybe the new Ghost Recon??? maybe? I cant stand COD and BF ...personally...
  2. Calling ALL .TuG:'s Please Help

    hey fellow .TuG.'s I really need your help! We have our game project up on kickstarter... . We would really appreciate any support and or spreading of the word through your networks... http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/460738485/legends-of-aethereus-co-op-hack-n-slash-action-gam Thx a million Psychdlc
  3. i45

    hmmm sounds dangerous
  4. all ready cheaters :(

    thats good news... I think once we get the servers fixed and the right anti-cheats in place it muight just be ok... I really enjoyed playing on the 16 man servers - was much more skill based and you could actually use strategy etc... With 32 on that map it is just to chaotic with too much going on in my opinion... With hardcore 16 man servers set-up it might be really fun if we can get enough TUGS to play--- We will be getting admin access to some servers at the university we can use as well
  5. i38

    Are people doing Easter 2010 ???? and waht games might we play :-p

    ...ouch :-)
  7. Keep your name from the beta

    Cool is this the game everybody i slooking forward to?
  8. i37 !!!! 7th August

    hmmmmm sounds interesting .... You going for sure JJ?
  9. Fear:Project Origin

    OMG you like something :-) looks interesting:wink:
  10. Happy Birhtday Atomicfire!

    happy happy happy happy b-day --lalalallalalalalaaaaaaa happy happy happy llalalalallallalallallalaaaaaaa to youooooooo:biggrin:
  11. Reinstalled

    ya we had some fun games JJ, GOP and myself the other night. We just need at least 7 people to get it or FC2 or COD4/5 rolling again.... any takers?
  12. Happy Birthday Beaver!

    well its sunday - Where r u and our beloved TUG FC2 Server :-) A patch just came out me thinks
  13. Happy New Year!

    yes I hope TUGGIES have a good year---
  14. Happy Birthday Beaver!

    Happy Birthday Mr Beaver! Can you please come to your senses now and come back online:biggrin: