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  1. Signaturez0rs

    does it work????
  2. Signaturez0rs

    i made a sig my 1st 1 hmm howd i show it????
  3. I'd like to join TuG

    ive been trialing for 2 months and thats just taking the piss:mad:
  4. I'd like to join TuG

    lol yar i am teh shit calling people hookers on teh net
  5. I'd like to join TuG

    lol edit ur post and i dont lag on the match server only on the public ye hoooka
  6. I'd like to join TuG

    yes join tug and hang around for 2 months on trial sounds fun doesnt it i actually tried 2 play with u lot but for sum reason i lag on the tug server i ask on xfire if there r any pcw's goin and i get no reply for about 2hrs and then they reply "no" when i come on l8er there appears 2 be a match my trial has taken 2 long i have been in around 15 pcw's with u lot if not more i have proven myself now that im bored with the clan im going 2 stop trialing and go and find another clan 2 trial with PS:it was me spamming ur Ts i got bored with the fact that i got bumped off and now im banned which is another reason for me to stop trialing
  7. World Cup

  8. World Cup

    he looks deformed in the 1st pic
  9. G-Force

    england were lucky ****s to win either of their matches and the goal was a lcuker by the ugly bastard crouch
  10. G-Force

    steven gerrard is shite and needs lucozade (or whatever) adverts to make him appear good like that hydration drink advert where he skins a bunch o players and the insides of him r a machine lol one of the players that he skins jumps over the ball and the rest just fall over
  11. gayness

  12. Fat kid vid

  13. gayness

    ****ING PARA AND NADES!!!!!!! hehe
  14. gayness

    lol complain my ass off i cud just imagine that me going into the shop and goin ape shit and eventually getting what i want if i didnt id probs wreck the shop
  15. Wanna-be FPS Doug :/

    OMG.......... he was buck toothed and his balls havent dropped yet loooool