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    Still @ school
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    The netherlands
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    Playing games, Playing football
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    Pr0 Gamer (i wish Lol)
  1. J-style

    Beavers sig

    this is just to try something
  2. J-style


    OMG lol Steven gerard is maybe the best player england ever had
  3. J-style

    New recruit coco

    Welcome to the team connect our teamspeak so we can talk/play with you
  4. J-style

    who let the dog out???

    Sirjarbo m8 i played 2day with him so
  5. J-style

    Banned for an unknown reason.

    Hi Mrgriffin im srry i banned you , i banned the wrong i would ban myself for testing my new admin program im gonna unban you so fast as posible
  6. J-style

    New Full Member - .TuG.Ato

    Yoo Ato Welcome to the Dark SIde Greetz J
  7. Hi Guys im Jstyle from the css team im going to buy the game Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter i think the game is very nice but i've got a problem i dont know if my Graphics Card can handle it this is my graphics card : Ati Radeon 9800 XXL. if you guys know something about it please tell it to me how faster i know it, how faster i can play Thank You Greetz J
  8. J-style


    I like : Reggea,Hiphop,Dance,House i just like all Greetz J
  9. J-style


    W00000t!! nice work sam im can't wait to see the next one Greetz J
  10. J-style

    Happy Birthday Bulldog!!!

    Happy B-day m8 You are a "Big boy" now ;p Greetz J
  11. J-style

    Happy Birthday Bulldog!!!

    Happy B-day BullDog I hope you had a great day Greetz J
  12. J-style

    Happy Birthday Bulldog!!!

    Happy Birthday mate im sorry im a bit late , but i hope you had a great day Greetz J