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  1. .TuG.Skeeta

    Rainbow Six: Siege

    Ohhhh hell yeah.
  2. Myself and Brok have been playing it a lot lately, if you want to join our crew send a message to brok21k and we'll get it sorted - it's great fun!!!
  3. .TuG.Skeeta

    Get BF4 early!

    VPN to battle log the disconnect, you can then get in.
  4. .TuG.Skeeta

    Get BF4 early!

    Pre-load done - took about 6 hours. Will be able to play from tomorrow.
  5. .TuG.Skeeta

    Get BF4 early!

    Cheeky sods! Just checked what I paid. Because I used the VPN to pretend I was in the US it cost me £44 to buy, if I go via the UK payment system it would have been £54!!! Rip!!!!!!!
  6. .TuG.Skeeta

    Get BF4 early!

    Getting 1MB a second but its a 25GB download.......
  7. .TuG.Skeeta

    Get BF4 early!

    It's pretty slow - not sure if it's the VPN or the amount of people downloading, might want to wait. I'll post an update later.
  8. .TuG.Skeeta

    Get BF4 early!

    I get a yearly description because I use VPNs for other stuff where being able to pretend your somewhere else and you want to be anonymous are helpful! Up to you really!
  9. .TuG.Skeeta

    Get BF4 early!

    Guys, Think we can get BF4 before the official launch date on the 2nd Nov The game is being released in the US today, I have a VPN which means as I can spoof my location as being in the US, it's really easy. I use HMA: http://www.hidemyass.com/vpn/ You have to pay for it but if you set it to connec to a US server origin thinks I'm inside america and can get the download early. After connecting to HMA: Before I set it to a US server is said it was going to be available in 4 days. Going to try pre-load now, will let you know what happens!
  10. .TuG.Skeeta

    Calling ALL .TuG:'s Please Help

    I'll give you money and you come to iseries in October, deal?
  11. .TuG.Skeeta

    New 2012 Website - Forum Comments now Live

    Hehe just teasing! Hope to see u online soon bud!
  12. .TuG.Skeeta

    New 2012 Website - Forum Comments now Live

    I've forgotten who you are.
  13. .TuG.Skeeta

    TuG Server setup ideas

    Looks good to me, really getting into SDM/TDM!!!
  14. .TuG.Skeeta

    TuG Request

    Whens V going to apply? Come on Josh, stop messing about and get him to pull his finger out. PS - Its Friday today - you know what that means.
  15. .TuG.Skeeta

    i46 - 24th-27th August

    Im still up for i46, however there is a strat lan on the 19th-23rd July, you guys make that? Would be happy to do that as well as/instead off?