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  1. Hi Wizzy, I'm fine thanks, still lurk on here to see if any new games capture peeps attention

  2. My first motorcycle

    That's a bit of a beast for a first ever ride, you look after yourself mate
  3. Kaos EU - Solar Farm

    Did I see Beaver and Bulldog battering the opposition this afternoon? About the best of the FFOW MP maps if you like a bit of variety in roles, vehicles, etc.
  4. Anyone got any kids?

    Hi Kaiser, good to hear you're doing well also. There's still a few of us left carrying the SAF tags
  5. Anyone got any kids?

    Hi Mrs D, nice to hear you're alive and kicking. Original GR seems to have died, perhaps it's time for a resurrection.
  6. Free Game on Steam

    for a flavour
  7. Free Game on Steam

    Well it's not a realism type game, jumps, loops etc but it's one of those where you keep saying just one more go, and hours later your still at it. As it's free, worth a go. Online play is a laugh, you can pick your region, country and area and see where you rank. No suprise I am 1,819th out of 1,819 in the North West of England.
  8. Free Game on Steam

    Frighteningly compulsive
  9. Call Of Duty 5 months on

    Anybody tried any of the sniper only servers running mod maps (=SAS=SnipersOnly for example) ? For those who get fed up of the frantic charging around in the standard game, the sniper only mods give a bit of welcome relief. (sorry Beaver not trying to encourage people away from TUG's servers, but if enough people like them it's something you might want to give a go)
  10. Finally got COD 4, had a bit of a play around and felt confident enough to pop in to see you tonight, no real surprise, was like a headless chicken but hey we've all go to start somewhere. Clearly need TS which I will get for next time Off on hols for two weeks so see you soon
  11. New Member - .TuG.Wizard

    Biffa really good to know your alive and kicking I'm thinking of having a go with COD 4 as well so might see you online, even though my eyesights going and the arthritic fingers are seizing up p.s don't know if you've noticed that Psyc is a TUG now too Wiz sorry for sidetracking your welcome post
  12. New Member - .TuG.Wizard

    OMG Whiz what have you done, end of an era, curtain's come down, the fat lady's sung etc they think it's all over.......... it is now. RIP SAF p.s whatever happened to Biffa
  13. 3D Mark06 - Scores

    Ah you see, this is why I called Beaver the voice of Satan. I thought I was happy with my system now you've got me thinking about new mobos and RAM
  14. 3D Mark06 - Scores

    Damn you Beaver, you're the voice of Satan. Got my new machine last July and have tried to avoid doing any benchmarking 'cos it only makes you unhappy with the performance you're getting. But saw your post and got lured in, and now as I suspected I'm unhappy with the figures, especially when a similar spec is showing 14,000 plus on the 3DMark website. My 3DMark06 Score: 9983 bah System Specs: Asus P5B Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad QX6700 2GB Hyundai PC2-4300 Geforce 8800 GTS 640 MB gfx card. Guess it might be the crappy RAM that's screwing it.
  15. Hey there!

    Hya Kaiser Some of us old gimmers still around What ever happened to the SAF forum, just seemed to die overnight? Don't seem to get much time for online gaming these days, but still like to pop into the forums to see what's happening. I see Pysc is a fully fledged TUG now what has poor old SAF come to. Let me be the first to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas (yeah yeah I know it's only still November ) Snowy