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  1. Snake_eyes Wants a Reapplication Sir!!

    :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: okay?
  2. New GR:AW Full Members Tweak and Rob

    Really.....WICKED thank you very much......i would like to thank lol i wont start thank you very much everyone!!
  3. New GR:AW Recruit .TuGr.Lok/Phobia

    welcome aboard Lok. u sniper noob
  4. oooo look at thiiis

    wta do u think?
  5. New GR:AW recruit

    Lol i been in TuG 2 days and im already Respected by everyone MUWAHAHAHAAHAHa
  6. New GR:AW recruit

    yes, guess what tiday my mum took me to the Barbers and u can guess what u look like:biggrin:. i Do boxing aswell and my coach was always naggging me so....i play for my town and im ranked 4 in hampshire sooooo
  7. New GR:AW recruit

    Lol my mum always tell me that too.
  8. New GR:AW recruit

    hey guys i dont have any goood photos of meh but here are some videos ive done whilst playing the drums
  9. Hi Alll

    yeah im Mr. popular
  10. Hi Alll

    lmao, how old r u if u dnt mind me asking
  11. Hi Alll

    flipen weirdo lmao
  12. Hi Alll

    hey Tug hows it going i had a wicked time in ure server,