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  1. Battlefield 3 - Release Autumn 2011

    http://blogg.aftonbladet.se/speltuben/2011/03/bf3 found this today...
  2. Battlefield 3 - Release Autumn 2011

    yep, but i will consider playing with the big boys if BF3 will be "the game" it seems to be...
  3. Battlefield 3 - Release Autumn 2011

    hey guys! guess you all seen this one already, but i post it anyway http://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/spela/article8645417.ab starts right after the commercial...
  4. My MoH has been posted!!

    hmm I dont get the serverlist...connection interupted it says, same as it did in the beta version... could every1 who has got the damn game give me their ingame names? mine is: Lok74
  5. My MoH has been posted!!

  6. My MoH has been posted!!

    I`ll buy the game today...
  7. Graw 2 Reloaded

    You should be happy instead...I mean, who wants to visit you??
  8. hey all

    Hi m8, welcome to the team
  9. boring

    Got my brand new computer and no funny games to play, I`m frustrated!! Will install GRAW 2 again...
  10. Now most of us have got it!

    I got the game, but i have some trouble with the multiplayer part. sometimes it works with the login and sometimes it wont. and when it works i having trouble to connect to servers. and top of that i cant get my fucking mic to work... ohhh, why me?
  11. Hawx

  12. happy b-day love... ;-)

  13. hey m8!

    im going to berlin in november...

    is there any cool places you know about, that i shouldn`t miss?

    pub`s, clubs and that sort of stuff...

    and of course some old genuine "beerhalle"


    send me a pm if you know any places



  14. Happy Birthday Gop