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    Look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gummersbach
  1. .TuG.Gop

    Just A Warning

    Yes, maybe we all got older
  2. .TuG.Gop

    TS3/BF3 issues maybe?

    I got the white screen of death too, but befor the game starts. Deleting the file "PROF_SAVE_profile" in the Battlefield 3 directory (not origin) fixed it. But i need to do it every time i want to play...
  3. Teamspeak for Android :D

  4. trys to play more games :D

  5. .TuG.Gop

    So who bought CoD:Black Ops??

    Think I will get it soon. Looks like fun and its not that expensive in germany (39 £). Normal price for games... but for PC 'cos console sucks (yes i have a ps3 just for blu rays ) cheers Gop
  6. .TuG.Gop

    happy birthday ash ( sherriffs m8 )

    happy birthday mate
  7. .TuG.Gop

    Happy Birthday Sherriff!

    happy birthday sherriff
  8. .TuG.Gop

    Some Guys Honest Review :)

    Jep, it is. take a look at the price and than take a look at the game. you see it? No? Its a
  9. .TuG.Gop

    Some Guys Honest Review :)

    to JJ: nice post
  10. .TuG.Gop


    download atm
  11. .TuG.Gop

    Happy Birhtday hO!

    Happy Birthday mate
  12. .TuG.Gop

    Happy Birhtday Atomicfire!

    happy birthday mate
  13. are you able to type in you password or is it just the backspace key? Again, have you tried another keyboard? Gop
  14. Have you tried another keyboard? What was this sound at the end of the Video? Gop