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  1. the_commander91

    TuG FarCry2 Server Online

    well i think i beat that by a long shot... got AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.20 GHz, 2,00 GB RAM and think my graphix card is nvidia 8600 silent or sumthin like that dunno i think thats good? is it? i really have no idea when it comes to those things? but i just figured it cant run far cry, as when i play cs:s it sumtimes just shut down during a game... have had it checked by incompetend computer people who didnt know shit bout computers though. xD and btw im running windows XP..
  2. the_commander91

    TuG FarCry2 Server Online

    omg you guys playing FC2 now:D So nice game! gonna buy it for ps3 tho. my pc cant run the game me thinks xD and hi btw long time no see
  3. the_commander91

    workmen :)

    haha ****ing briliant
  4. the_commander91

    Happy Birthday commander91

    thx guys had a great day! : D
  5. the_commander91

    Psych, for you^^

    :eek:Long live the swedish people
  6. the_commander91

    3D Mark06 - Scores

    good? i dont really know..? more to add from test? C: HP_PAVILION Hard Disk 225.90 GB 199.73 GB F: Spil og musik Hard Disk 225.90 GB 84.06 GB Manufacturer AMD Family AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ Architecture 64-bit Internal Clock 1.0 GHz Internal Clock Maximum 2.2 GHz External Clock 200.0 MHz Socket Designation Socket AM2 Upgrade Socket 940 MultiCore 2 Processor Cores Display Device 1/1 NVIDIA GeForce 7500 LE Driver Description NVIDIA GeForce 7500 LE Manufacturer NVIDIA Total Local Video Memory 512 MB Total Local Texture Memory 502 MB
  7. the_commander91

    Server authentication failed?

    well... i reinstalled the entire game... and then the windows installer worked perfectly fine again.. and i've got the latest punkbuster update. Now i just got the problem... i'm being told that its a version mismatch... but shouldnt be, as the server has been patched with 1.1 right? It wrote the message instantly after i patched 1.1
  8. well... i've got the punkbuster running, enabled and everything seems to work... but after like 5 seconds in the TUG server i am thrown out with the message "you were disconnected" :s cant install the 1.1 patch, as my windows installer cant open it the right way :s so what to do what to do ?
  9. Hey everybody... My pc has been crashing a lot the last months... and if i start the pc just after the crash, A message just appears: MBR error Insert system disk (and something i cant remember)(but not important) but if i wait like 5-10 mins, it starts up perfectly fine... Does anyone know how to maybe fix/prevent these crashes... I think its my graphix card, as its always when i play css, and now Crysis :s a hopeful member
  10. the_commander91

    CSS DirtySecret Movie

    Ye... how do u zoom with pistol.... is that even possible???
  11. the_commander91

    Commentators make me laugh!

    oh this is so nice... almosrt cant stop laughing... Nice Beaver... very nice:biggrin::biggrin:
  12. the_commander91

    CSS DirtySecret Movie

    Guess hes alright... surely i could beat him at any time ^^ (in about a hundred years if i just play css all the time 24/7) is that really not a hack or something... well congrats to him... he's dedicated his life to css...
  13. the_commander91

    Archived Requests

    I'm applying for membership in CS:Source. My real name is Martin Hornstrup, i'm 16 years old, born 04/04-1991. I live in Esbjerg, Denmark. My login name for CS:Source is the_commander91 and my online name is [DK-E Crew] the_commander. (the [DK-E Crew] is not really a clan, just something some of my friends and i made... nothing serious) You can contact me at this Email address: martinhornstrup123@hotmail.com I was asked to join by .TuG.SilentSniper, who i've played against a few times. I think that's all.. Martin Hornstrup (the_commander91)