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  1. TuG FarCry2 Server Online

    well i think i beat that by a long shot... got AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.20 GHz, 2,00 GB RAM and think my graphix card is nvidia 8600 silent or sumthin like that dunno i think thats good? is it? i really have no idea when it comes to those things? but i just figured it cant run far cry, as when i play cs:s it sumtimes just shut down during a game... have had it checked by incompetend computer people who didnt know shit bout computers though. xD and btw im running windows XP..
  2. TuG FarCry2 Server Online

    omg you guys playing FC2 now:D So nice game! gonna buy it for ps3 tho. my pc cant run the game me thinks xD and hi btw long time no see
  3. workmen :)

    haha ****ing briliant
  4. Happy Birthday commander91

    thx guys had a great day! : D
  5. Psych, for you^^

    :eek:Long live the swedish people
  6. 3D Mark06 - Scores

    good? i dont really know..? more to add from test? C: HP_PAVILION Hard Disk 225.90 GB 199.73 GB F: Spil og musik Hard Disk 225.90 GB 84.06 GB Manufacturer AMD Family AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ Architecture 64-bit Internal Clock 1.0 GHz Internal Clock Maximum 2.2 GHz External Clock 200.0 MHz Socket Designation Socket AM2 Upgrade Socket 940 MultiCore 2 Processor Cores Display Device 1/1 NVIDIA GeForce 7500 LE Driver Description NVIDIA GeForce 7500 LE Manufacturer NVIDIA Total Local Video Memory 512 MB Total Local Texture Memory 502 MB
  7. Server authentication failed?

    well... i reinstalled the entire game... and then the windows installer worked perfectly fine again.. and i've got the latest punkbuster update. Now i just got the problem... i'm being told that its a version mismatch... but shouldnt be, as the server has been patched with 1.1 right? It wrote the message instantly after i patched 1.1
  8. well... i've got the punkbuster running, enabled and everything seems to work... but after like 5 seconds in the TUG server i am thrown out with the message "you were disconnected" :s cant install the 1.1 patch, as my windows installer cant open it the right way :s so what to do what to do ?
  9. Hey everybody... My pc has been crashing a lot the last months... and if i start the pc just after the crash, A message just appears: MBR error Insert system disk (and something i cant remember)(but not important) but if i wait like 5-10 mins, it starts up perfectly fine... Does anyone know how to maybe fix/prevent these crashes... I think its my graphix card, as its always when i play css, and now Crysis :s a hopeful member
  10. CSS DirtySecret Movie

    Ye... how do u zoom with pistol.... is that even possible???
  11. Commentators make me laugh!

    oh this is so nice... almosrt cant stop laughing... Nice Beaver... very nice:biggrin::biggrin:
  12. CSS DirtySecret Movie

    Guess hes alright... surely i could beat him at any time ^^ (in about a hundred years if i just play css all the time 24/7) is that really not a hack or something... well congrats to him... he's dedicated his life to css...
  13. Archived Requests

    I'm applying for membership in CS:Source. My real name is Martin Hornstrup, i'm 16 years old, born 04/04-1991. I live in Esbjerg, Denmark. My login name for CS:Source is the_commander91 and my online name is [DK-E Crew] the_commander. (the [DK-E Crew] is not really a clan, just something some of my friends and i made... nothing serious) You can contact me at this Email address: martinhornstrup123@hotmail.com I was asked to join by .TuG.SilentSniper, who i've played against a few times. I think that's all.. Martin Hornstrup (the_commander91)