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  1. So I just passed my driving test :D

    1. .TuG.Beaver


      Well done!! Now welcome to the world of £1000 insurance!

    2. .TuG.Sherriff


      You'll be lucky, think more like £2k+ Well done on passing though Elemental :D

  2. .TuG.Elemental

    Happy Birthday Dave

    Happy Birthday you schlaaaaaaag
  3. Major rage when Medics don't act as medics!

  4. has finally got all the insignias! Thank GOD for the patch!

  5. .TuG.Elemental

    Post Your Playstation 3 Names Here!

    iHeartMash Ha, yeah not the normaly EleMental. But whatever
  6. .TuG.Elemental

    Happy Birthday Sherriff!

    Happy Birthday dude!
  7. .TuG.Elemental

    Happy Birthday Beaver!

    Happy Birthday Beaver Have a good one
  8. .TuG.Elemental

    Happy Christmas Tuggies!

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a good one. Baai EleMental^
  9. .TuG.Elemental

    Must Read

    Haha. Nice
  10. .TuG.Elemental

    So my COD5 arrived today

    Yea, but I only played it because you lot played it a lot.. And now everyone's playing different games I can't be bothered. Plus, COD4 is a good game, I just don't find COD5 as good.
  11. .TuG.Elemental

    So my COD5 arrived today

    Yea seriously.. Having to level up to get good guns.. It's getting on my tits.. I mean, if you started off with all the guns, but leveled up to get a better badge, then yea, that's fine. But having to do it for guns. No thanks. Especially when there's 10 prestiges.. So, I'm probably going to stay away from COD:WAW. And wait until a good game comes out, that doesn't need to level up for guns. That's me moaning over.. Bai
  12. .TuG.Elemental

    COD 5 Special Collector's Edition

    Some of us are retarded here Tweak.. But thank you for being so nice..
  13. Right, I'm confused. The 7 days double points; does it mean: 1. 7 days GAME PLAY of double points.. or 2. 7 Days, as in, you start on Monday, may only play once in the week, and then you've wasted it?.. Because if it's the first one then I'd probably get it, but if not, it's a waste.. Any ideas anyone? Cheers