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  1. Well iv'e done a few Glastonbury's so a few nights in a tent ain't a problem, did I hear you say you got a shower?, heheh. What room was it again?
  2. See there you go again, thats the problem, you thought you would get the last word, again! it aint gonna happen, well not on our server, Just accept your telling off. Cause we aint gonna have a group hug until you do! Unfortunatley GRAW2 does not have a naughtly step, but it does have a kick feature, but you know that. lol.
  3. Oh! and if you are going to i34 and either of you do snore, I hope for your sakes your tent ain't anywhere near mine, lol.
  4. Firstly I will agree, I did kick you from our server. This was not for killing me in spawn, as you did, this was for the constant argueing of a point that was irrelevant, you have been playing in our server for sometime now, and know how we admin it, we do not tolerate spawn killing of any kind. My 1st reaction after you killed me was only "JJ you should know better", that was it, no threat to have you kicked banned or anything else, until you started, "lol"ing, making excuses and just basically being a pain in the ass. I too want to enjoy the game, and to spent nearly a whole game texting back and forth is not what I call fun. (server log is available if required) All you had to do to was to apologies and continue playing, but I suspected you thought you were above that and our rules. I am sorry for kicking a person I previously concidered a decent individual and player, but our rules apply to all. As far as a ban goes, I did not ban you, I just kicked you, the server we were using was a test server and the settings had not been set up by myself. I will check to see if kicking a player results in an Auto ban. If so I will have the ban removed. But worst case, this server will disappear in few days (we only have it for a week) A kick was my intended punishment, more to shut you up than anything else. That'll teach you to kill a server admin in spawn, lol. Regards, _22SAS_Tay-uk