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  1. Dear WEZ, you posted your false accuses here , in this forum.....why you did not contact me or post in PGS forum?? You posted here and I answered here. I registered in your clan's forum to answer u there too, but I did not receive the convalidation mail. Be sure that when (and if) I will receive the mail from kevin andersson to post there, you will read me there too.... About posting in other forums something like u did, you must know that I have no respect for people who do it, expecially if they do saying a lot of false and stupid things like u did. I hope that you red carefully the links to ghostrecon. net I posted here, and I hope you will be so honest to give your excuses to people who you accused. I hope that TuG members will forgive me for having posted here about this unpleasant problem, but i think there were good reasons for doing that. Regards.
  2. I know , TuG, that u did not accuse us of anything in that thread, about "red-diamonds cheats". I wrote here because FTK Wez wrote here...and so I answered to tell the thruth to all the people who red in this forum theese false accuses against my clan, accuses done without knowing anything about GRAW2 by a noob like WEZ. But...my TuG friends, I wrote also another thing about Tug Moog, .... I would be very pleased to have an answer about that. Regards
  3. Hello to all TuG team, I am PGS_Ten, PGS PEGASO CLAN