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  1. Loy4lty

    Battlefield 3 - Release Autumn 2011

    Rig update for me I thinks... won't run on xp??
  2. Loy4lty

    Mini Lan

    Few of the guys have oc/ed. are u saying i have a small case? lol.. its a coolermaster stacker.... xxx guys did a 2nd lan with more people but i didnt go as i was busy. ill try find the link.
  3. Loy4lty

    Mini Lan

    We both have bc2 add bl4ckm4fi4 i think you already have me?. We are doing a 2nd lan party maybe for next month.
  4. Loy4lty

    Mini Lan

    Myself, mafia and the rest of the XXX snipersonly clan did our first mini lan! went great. Heres a small video Before you ask.. mafia is wearing the grey tshirt with the green hulk body.. and im humping my case at the start...FUN!
  5. Loy4lty

    OMG - Its awesome

    haha... 1bed flat here would cost me £120k easy
  6. Loy4lty

    OMG - Its awesome

    I really like this game alot, feels alot like bf2 which i loved!.. Shame it doesn't run as well as i had hoped. amd athlon 4200 x2 (2.21ghz) 2gig ddr ram zotac 9800gt 512mb 1680x1050, all settings low 25-45fps before u say buy a new system, i'm saving for a house so yup sucks
  7. I got my copy today too!, i will install tonight. I can't log into your teamspeak no longer. Different password?
  8. Aw... well u guys better let me know how the game is, ill just wait for demo or something
  9. I did think about it but... (Game.co.uk) £24.99, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ((((Limited Edition)))), Double reward points & includes 6 early unlocks. (Play.com) £26.99, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC BETA Access) ill just hope game give a key out also
  10. I preordered my copy from game. I didn't see anything about beta key tho
  11. Loy4lty

    Pre-Order done - PC version

    He is good thanks. Just been given a pc as his old 1 decided to die.. But he should be on your ts some time. just sorting out his games/patches n stuff but he will be back .
  12. Loy4lty

    Pre-Order done - PC version

    Done! £9.99 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition (PC) And yes i used my game points too! ... M4fi4 & myself gone back to playing bf2 with friends as we did before.. and guess what! i still have my mw2(360) game sealed
  13. Loy4lty

    First Thoughts

    PC version...
  14. Loy4lty

    cheap MW2

    Hi, i did buy it from morrisons on xbox for £25.99 as it was on deal for 3 days. I think its now upto £40 again so i might re-sell it... not even opened it.