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  1. Black ops 2 (xbox)

    Hello does any 1 post on here anymore ????? Where have all you guys gone ?
  2. Black ops 2 (xbox)

    Hi all , Long time no see just wondering if any one plays on xbox live ? It would be nice to hook up for a few games of COD . gamertag:G Force1973
  3. Ghost Recon

    I'll be up for a few games of OGR , I've just spoke 2 Flya he said he would play if needed:cool:
  4. Ghost Recon

    Hi I'm up for a few games of OGR , i carn't play GRAW or COD 4 i need a upgrade or new P.C. , I've been playing OGR latley and there is a lot of players still paying the game , Danish Force server is full most nights as is AEG server I can think of a few peeps who would probally play , me ,JJ ,Psyc ,beav ,st Bond , Bundi , Bulldog , Bran , why not put a server up just over Chrismas for the greatest online multiplayer game ever (plz Beav) and we could play the old Cops n Robbers mod:biggrin: OGR never dies ( lol GRAW 2 )
  5. Good Luck

    You are a Blue nose then!! No need to be bitter at least you won't get knocked out of Europe Twice in one season again LOL Everton are a small club !!!!! Don't forget 2 check out everton's new sponsor EASYJET it will get you in and out of Europe in 90mins !!
  6. Good Luck

    COME ON YOU REDS !!!! Let's make 6 Times european champoins tonight:cool:
  7. 1st look at R6 Vegas

    Send it back it sounds like a bag of shite 2 me:biggrin:
  8. New Games

    Maybe Tiger Woods golf for me:rolleyes: a nice chillin game 2 play i think:smile:
  9. Free internet Footy

    Nice work Brok:biggrin: i watched Liverpool Live & i watched Bloton v Arsenal Live!! Star Sports is the channel!! it even has the same as commentry as Sky Sports lmao,the only difference it is FREE!!
  10. Free internet Footy

    Nice job Brok, i'll give this a try 2day:cool:
  11. Thanks for the Match

    Thanks for good games UKGF !!
  12. IDEA:Fortnight Sessions

    I thought you and Psyc were joining the clan m8:smile: Hint....Hint..
  13. .TuG. Team - Sigs Sticky

    Sounds like a good idea i hate that place it is overated bigtime!! and it is for girls and prawn sandwich eaters:biggrin:
  14. .TuG. Team - Sigs Sticky

    Sorry no man ure badges allowed !!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  15. Awesome!!!

    Yeah but we will still kick your arse for old times sake:rolleyes: