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  1. Tassadus

    whats up

    umm, yahoo would be good. just register on this site and you can see my yahoo details
  2. Tassadus

    whats up

    Maybe configured your mouse as a joystick or gamepad as well? Or try deleting your gamesettings.ini in your Documents Folder.
  3. Tassadus

    Tass is back...

    Hey Dave, Quite busy, last year was a terrible one. My dad and two comrades died; so I had quite a mess to clean up. Now things are going great though Tass
  4. The question sir is what specs your current PC has. I wouldn't recommend you getting a DirectX 10 Card this late without a guarantee. Instead get yourself a Geforce 5750 which has better FPS outcomes in all games, costs about 100 Quids, supports DX11.
  5. Tassadus

    Tass is back...

    Sry I see my old Account ist still existing. Mind deleting my new one Master Beaver?
  6. Tassadus

    Tass is back...

    Right-o, Hi m8s, glad to have found the your new site, lookin' good and sexy tbh~ For those that don't know me * Game you are applying for - BFBC2 * Real Name - Rhegs * Age + Date of Birth - 23- 12.06.1986 * Location/Country - Munich/Germany * Online/In-Game Name - Tassadus * Email Address - unless your a hot Chick or your Name is either Beaver or Bulldog you won't need it tbh~ * Any other info - Still in Universtity studying Mathematical Engineering in Munich Looking forward to gettin' a few frags with you guys btw: Frub or Rowan still around?
  7. Hi M8s, a few of ya might remember me...I'm back for more since I found out TuG ist active in BFBC2. Just wrote bulldog a mail. Till tonight m8s :)

  8. Tassadus

    New graphicscard!

    errr....you shouldve got the ati x4870 from palit...overclocked, 2 custom coolers, 1 gig ram, extra cables, and quite...faster then any gtx 260...and that just for 230 euros...
  9. Tassadus

    CoD4 Public Server Updates

    K, should be done now then... Mmm, Beaver, where is everyone? I remember the days when we had between 10 and 15 people on ts all gaming... Maybe theyll all come outa their holes when cod5 and fc2 comes out;)
  10. Hey m8s, Took the liberty on changing some configs of the CoD Public server: Max Ping: from 250 to 200 Killcam: from ON to OFF New Map Rotation New Server Commentary Tass
  11. Tassadus


    could someone pn me the new pass, thx m8s. will play some cod with ya then
  12. Tassadus

    Pr3d410r is b4ck!

    yeah, had a bit of a type o there...my drivers would barely fit on that;)
  13. Tassadus

    Pr3d410r is b4ck!

    Yeah, becoming one...am at the army universty now studying aeronautics and mathematical engineering...so have enough time for a few years...how about it beav, would u support me in trying to get a team back together (5 men)...maybe some of the old folks...
  14. Tassadus

    Pr3d410r is b4ck!

    Lo m8s, Its me, Tassadus. How have you all been doing. Just read about CS:S Closing down, too bad, just installed my old Thingamagic...Had a chat with Rowan and we'Re thinking about starting up again in CS:S. Still haven't lost my skills. h0, if you're in tell me. I would absolutely love it. Anyways, will check on a few m8s from back then. Would be cool if Beaver could host us again... Take care, Tass
  15. Tassadus

    Happy Birthday Tassadus!!

    Sorry Guys, Thanks alot, haven't checked the site for some time to my regret. Am back on track though. Yup, got the AWP, thanks. Um, about the women, which one? I can remember, had so many during vacation .