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  1. .TuG.Wizard


    Hey David long time no see hope you had a good new year and all things well and maybe one day we all play together again
  2. .TuG.Wizard

    Graphic cards

    Hey all wondering what people using for BF4 because looking around for gaming card but they so many about lol so any ideas would be great P.S. i need to get back into combat miss the old close combat fighting with you guys.....its sending me crazy
  3. .TuG.Wizard

    Roll Call - Who pre-ordered?

    so guys what's it like no one said anything yet
  4. .TuG.Wizard

    Roll Call - Who pre-ordered?

    i need to get a decent graphics card before i get it
  5. .TuG.Wizard

    Just A Warning

    lol its davey boy hows it going heard you in college now?
  6. .TuG.Wizard

    Just A Warning

    haha np well at least some activity for once...where is everyone hiding by the way
  7. .TuG.Wizard

    Just A Warning

    _Tobias ybym advertise else where
  8. baa thats sucks you need a DX11 capable GPU to play the beta ......but i play every other game out there this is just stupid
  9. downloading now ............where is everyone ........
  10. .TuG.Wizard

    Black ops 2 (xbox)

    I have BO2 on pc got lucky got it cheap
  11. .TuG.Wizard

    Moving Soon !

    wow that's a big change in your life hope it goes well and are you looking to live there ???... and as beaver said Canada nice place i have 1 cousin there enjoy your flight .....i promise i wont phone the airline up to tell them you troubled mad man lol ....
  12. .TuG.Wizard

    EA/DICE selling unlocks

    its just a stupid money making out of it because the game is dying so they making a quick few quid same as allways they do that b4 the game dies and also for all these months we been working hard to get the weapons they bring this out they should of done it at start and fix the dam game
  13. .TuG.Wizard

    EA/DICE selling unlocks

    http://store.origin.com/store/eaemea/search/?keywords=BF3DLC this got to be the most pile of crap ea/dice has ever done whats the point of buying a game now from EA and people get to buy every unlock when a game has just released is there any point playing FPS games anymore...........mears well go back to playing World Of Warcraft or back to go playing EVE online
  14. .TuG.Wizard

    New 2012 Website - Forum Comments now Live

    Works fine nice 1 and we used to have our clan leader do it think his name was Beaver but last i heard he some where in a mountain shack in scotland..... use to be a great bloke last time we heard but he sadly missed
  15. .TuG.Wizard

    TuG Server setup ideas

    have one last fling ( gaming that is) before you get married hehe