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  1. Just don't smile, those yellow teeth will give you away..
  2. I was trying to keep the server active for GR, I have not given him anything.. That was a real tough comment, WOW. Don't know if I will be able to sleep at night.. LOL
  3. Ghost.. Do you use any type of IM? If so, you can PM me or post your info. Bulldog.. I think he was talking about the Texas server, NYC is moving to Europe. Look forward to killing you Ghost..
  4. Ghostdragon... ICQ me and I will give you the PW to the TX server, the NYC server has been moved to Europe, no real need to have that one, it will have alot of TuG on it.
  5. Toe Jam

    What the ?

    Lee.. After last night... Im hurt! :sad:
  6. Toe Jam

    What the ?

    and others remain untarnished... makes you go hmmmm..
  7. Jarbo.. To clarify things for your slow ass east Texas brain. RNR was refering to a Playstation review of GR. Check the link "he" posted. He also never mentioned that GR2 for the PC was going to be cancelled. So, RNR was NOT right, because he was talking about a console review. His intentions were good, just wrong. Your still barking up the same tree bro! Give it a break.. Im attaching this "Jarbo smiliy face" to give justification to my comment That is all..
  8. Now that I have a picture of Lee, I can touch myself more often...
  9. Who's Who? Mugs with PC's is all I see.
  10. Toe Jam

    March Madness!

    Bundu.. I am an Alumni of the University discussed. Its collegiate level basketball, no pay. Just books, tuition and housing if you get a scholarship. Only one making big dollars is the University and Coaches. Overpaid would be the NBA. I also watch OSU, football, wrestling and baseball. It's an Alumni thing... Toe P.S. University of Texas Longhorns Suck Ass! Weeeeeeeeeee! First round.. BUH BYE!
  11. It is that time of year again...March Madness! And once again my COWBOYS are heading to the Big Dance with visions of another Final 4 appearance. This team certainly has the talent to get there, and we've actually scored a pretty decent bracket. 6'7" Forward that bench presses 410lbs (186kg) (29 stones). The one that sent the Orangemen packing...the one that demolished OU at home...the one that took 3 away from Tech including the Big 12 tournament title. Bye Bye SE Louisiana, first round done, NEXT! For those in need of a printable bracket and updates...here is a linky for you: NCAA TOURNAMENT BRACKET
  12. Beaver, ICQ is a IM that gamers use in the U.S. Didn't want any confusion when you answered Splitz. Splitz, we have 2 servers and NYGiants that are up for a ride. Which one do you want? Access to Giants must be a backdoor approach... ICQ me when you get people on, I will round up as much as I can if it helps. My ICQ: 14828985
  13. Toe Jam


    See you joined the forum.. No secrets here on how I "KICK YOUR ASS"
  14. Giants cruising over to Bandits place..
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