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  1. HI all, just wishing you all a happy xmas and a happy new year. Ive been playing a little PS4 with my Xim 4 (keyboard & mouse adapter) see you all online sometime soon JJ
  2. .TuG.JJUK

    TuG Request

    Hi Elliot and welcome, we normally play on Fridays (dayz) buy you may find some of the guys on BF4 during the week JJ
  3. .TuG.JJUK

    Twitch Live Streams

    Hi All, i have set up a live stream channel just to see how good it works http://www.twitch.tv/jjuk26
  4. If you like the console but prefer a mouse and keyborad then check out this site they are currently building the ps4 xim controller which will allow mouse and keyboard use for games http://xim3.com/ JJ
  5. I picked up a ps4 mainly for car games ect i currently have the new need for speed great game JJ
  6. .TuG.JJUK

    Roll Call - Who pre-ordered?

    Come on wizzy, go and get one JJ
  7. .TuG.JJUK

    Get BF4 early!

    Ok which one are we all ordering there 3 differnt types? j
  8. .TuG.JJUK

    Roll Call - Who pre-ordered?

    im going to do it today
  9. .TuG.JJUK

    Takedown: Red Sabre

    Its awful, they are patching but graphically it just cannot compete JJ
  10. Hi Guys, now this looks like a good game, not until nest year though. JJ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njfj6KwEAfg
  11. http://store.steampowered.com/app/236510/ worth a look guys, whoever is still around http://www.serellan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2672-takedown-pre-order-now-online/ JJ
  12. .TuG.JJUK

    My New PC!

    Nice, its been quiet without the gamers
  13. .TuG.JJUK

    Moving Soon !

    Hi Guys, i know the team isnt about all that much now but i thought i would post anyways. I will be renting my house out from 11th August and hopefully starting the journey to Canada, Calgary in Alberta to be exact, we will be staying at a friend lodge while we decide exactly what we are going to do, this allows us to save a little money in the meantime. They only have wireless there so im unsure what kind of connection they have, there will be no game playing for me for a while now Anyway i will keep you updated as best i can. JJ
  14. .TuG.JJUK

    Calling ALL .TuG:'s Please Help

    The new GRFS loooks awful, the new maps for BF3 are good though all close quarters. JJ
  15. .TuG.JJUK

    Calling ALL .TuG:'s Please Help

    Hey Psy, not many TuGs about these days, i had missed this post, i will have a look. JJ