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  1. You need to advertise your PC.. to your friends.. that you got a good thing there, have them test it if doughting it,getting idea of your value of it,selling of couse, then going out an getting a AMD Athlon 64 -FX 53 or better,...you will kill em all with the set up help of Flya to help you.you say cheap AGP card.. then a ATI 9600XT 256... about 200 dollars here...
  2. Kiimii

    Will your PC run GR:AW?

    With all the games running on the Server or Server's/ Will the plain jane of --->- Ghost Recon -<----- Still be on here as a Server sided Mod for us to play.I hope that it does not die/for some crap to take over/ i gave up hunting Deere in the woods/it got so that i only went out in the late afternoon's a hour an half before dark.got into treehouse out of the weather with rifle sitting on the side table, in one of them reclining bucket seat's of a small car,ran a heater on the colder day's,but the noise was a bother for hearing them coming into the apples/with one shot ,an maybe a piece of the carpet from around the window...an a 15 minute wait... you got down from tree stand, went an looked in the near area for the deere/got a 8 or 9 pointer there once/ the one shot made it easy / no tramping threw the woods/firing at deere that allready had the jump on you/lots of bad days that way.My nearby friend hunts in the back woods near me/ i think he thinks that i am crazy for giving up hunting/ it don't cost anymore than the real thing/ you only get less blood on your hands/the treehouse as blown down in a spring storm.... an there was trouble with Bear's/ an coyotes that bothered the deere anyways/ i love the game of ghost recon/ my PC passed the =AW= TEST/ i got a younger brother that has been on the server playing a few games/ he is new to it/ i think he likes it/Later all )Yes more then one question/ sort of )
  3. Kiimii

    Will your PC run GR:AW?

    Maybe he is younger that .TuG.Mortian/srryif i spell name worng Mort/So who is the younger Flya's Dad or Mort at 86... which speed do they run on ? Me an Mort need to get onto Ghost Recon wilderness map/ the one after Creekbed/ it is cool some times to play with other clan member's/ Later.. need to get some sort of DVD player to play that Gr=AW= /
  4. Kiimii

    THird attemp to write a post /

    I am buying a new Operating System in the next 2 month's here. My PC builder said to buy the Windows XP Pro --> That the copy of Windows 64 was not supported, an that it might be like Windows XP PRO was over the past 5 year's--> updates,More updates.where will it all end. Microsoft got a law for the Vista Software about maybe you need a 64 Processor to use it/an maybe a Operating System of the 64 Edition.to use it. ---> I found out why my sound in Ghost Recon games were cutting out___ I got a update from REALTEK for Driver's of the Onboard sound card. --> On Thursday past i got my new Video card fan in the mail--opened it up --> only had two wires on it.(nice when they asked me in a email to tell them how many was on it )That it had 3 wire's --Black-Red--& a Yellow wire ..3 of them / sending me that 2 wire/ so i called them up in California Freemant USA/ asked them what there problem was. that i been waiting for 15 days for it.( well we will send one --be there in 4 to 5 day's ) REALLY ---> i believe that when i see it. That's all the news here.I go online make a game. I get a big desktop/ i can set the server up for you all-- give me a Holler-- Thank-s for putting up with me an my long letter's of complaining. Later M'8's
  5. Tell me i am stupid / maybe i will shut-up MR> i don't hold many things of this life very high.so think as you like . dele this next .. Mr Englishman. <--- him/
  6. Yaa better start out running there Flya if you going to keep up to that Billy Gates.! Over the next 10 year's before he cleans up all the mess that he makes.or the lack of support for this an that. Bought a new PC a year ago/the CDRW_Burner in it is a OEM , so if you buy something , look for head-aches if you buy cheap stuff or buy the deals that the computer got, not you,got to go to them for the support not the company .. that was what SONY told me on the phone/i ever buy new any thing for parts or a new PC again/ be asking who is going to update this part's , if they think they going to pawn it off on you,so a computer store with the best prices/is not everything that it might boil down to being.. Yaa been told.
  7. why bother/ i hate MIcrosoft service pack 2/ all hacker's caught need to be sent to hard labourer for hacking anything against the greater public's best interest's/ I will not Install the Internet Explorer 7 /so if you install it would need to reformat your pc to clean it out.A hour of your time/I clicked on the refresh button to keep this page fresh/ ever go to the lobby an sign in again/i did . thk's server pack 2. IE6 got enough bug's an must be near being the best browser out there.i don't know it cause i never read up on it.sorry. I was trying to post about buying a new PC --> the up's an down's of it... but i will not post it today.I think there is a problem with all the technoligy out there that faster is better or the new thats coming is so great.. Post your idea of troubles or what you think is so goodabout today's Computing as day by day thing's work there way by an by.All server's got gliches i say.new this is so good. heck can't get support for what we all got now .. less needing more better crap/:confused: So if you like / plezze leave a note of your idea's of what's what.? If you like tell me to stop POSTing / i might take you up on it.I say as i do/ live as i do, death is for a very long thing. not gave my last breath up here yet. ---> ( I thank you all for reading this dumb or idea's here i have.) hope not to waste your time. truely i have a idea of what is wasting your time.?
  8. Kiimii

    Here's How Its Done

    I wondered just how all the CCS was training all there Clan's / guess i don't need to guess anymore/ Thank's for the test Course's of you an the battlefield of the enemy to come /
  9. Dual-core- Hmm.. nice for a book-worm--gamer' /not his first choice of Processor for getting off the starting line..PCI-E yes a cool add on . a +PLUS FOR the must have.So since i not a Book lover ever/ like a Hockey skater / been many years since any skating/time to move on/ respect the fellows wish to delete this post in a couple of day's / sorry again for bothering Yaa all/ not able to start up the ghost recon game. video fan not able to support much/ it is a starter to fixing it/ then look for any over problem on the line of a gamer/ bye Double --> PS : only upgrade anyone needs to repair there PC's is to _____________<>>>>>>>> To stay up with ( Bill Gates ) he is the big greedy DoG that all us see today/ UPdate this is all f--ing crap---Service pack's 2 --> a bitc-h to get around to fix anything/ there a an-other Hole in that Golden book Edition'' get the next copy out/
  10. I got enough downloaded files/ that is a couple of pictures. yaa need to install this program i got here. it is a bit old.. a most in it's day to find web bug's '' http://www.bugnosis.org I never seen the support page of getting a email link from them to work. Install it an check the cnetdownload website with it running, talk about yellow & red alert's about spyware http://membership.cnet.com/2001-1_1-0.html?tag=navtab / http://membership.cnet.com/2001-11311_1-0.html?tag=cnetfd.dir / Darn these few Link's Lol ever see alert's of spybug's ever.. install the little program /open Internet Explorer6 / activate program ,then click on these links --> see the alert's going crazy, i '' Hate spyware or any of it's friends "" / http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-12335_7-6444673.html /so you can sign up for the Free ...._ TuG.AK do you like free. like the CSS Clan's / enjoy this one then/ i run the bugnosis program. Mortion where the heck are yaa ,i never see yaa/i get my Video fan fixed i be back to see Yaa Mate/ yaa one cool dude/ Rock-On !!
  11. Kiimii

    Minimum Specs...

    Could Yaa see yourself paying $ 450.00 Dollar's for a motherboard.Bit over rated i say.Yaa going to buy some Ram.? BIgger the stick,motherboard only support so much, A ONE GIG stick gives less error's if yaa using DDR2 like i am/i only using 2 sticks of 512,Best idea instead of buying the Ram is to buy a Ultra Raid card,for setting up 2 or 3 hard- drives,array, be fairly fast an reliable allso, not needing any driver's/ plug an play/with WINDOWS XP Pro/them motherboards are seen at : http://www.bytewizecomputers.com/products/7/7 / there is a Raid card for flat hard drives/ speed up your pc the fastest way.
  12. Kiimii

    Potential delay....

    Year's was Ghost - Recon out before Yaa all decided to buy it/ or hack it.I had a hacked copy the first one.on ubi.com asking the fellows how to set it all up.( different )now that my video card --over heat's --it takes my sound with it...i figure it is doing it...ASUS send the new fan... this blower is not cooling yaa, darn it gives more air then that tiny little fan yaa got on there... problems __acts like a virus being to put up with this thing like this.it is just plain ( faulty ) an i say a space for a swear word here is (squezze) i want to get on with playing the ghost recon ---surprise Flya i just killed Yaa "" ) M8 .
  13. Kiimii

    Minimum Specs...

    First off Yaa got to find the store with the best price for parts/next if you will go to PCI-e or stay with AGP/if yaa stay with AGP then get a Motherboard with Dual Channel RAM .,That be a boost in performance/a power supply 480 Watt's at least/cheap case/ you know the rest/ you can use some part's like your old RAM in that motherboard till updating it/you got plenty to think about.Is this going to be the PC that does me for 10 year's or not? Vista software is crap i say...wht do i know. I hate all Beta ,If anyone install's Internet Explorer 7 Beta/it's a format job to go back.I tried the MSN Beta .crap/i went back to the slow one.