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    Heavy Metal Music,Hunting, Fishing, Beer and Pussy... what else does a man need???
  1. Dr.Gonzo

    What the ?

    Yeah I got banned by one of the UK guys, outcold maybe? cant remember, then i talked to him on TS and he tried to unban me, and it wouldnt work. I was banned for 2 weeks or better, til I got ahold of Toe Jam finally, Thanks John
  2. Dr.Gonzo

    What the ?

    HaHa....ok guys, I get the point... evidently i pissed someone off... unban me dudes come on.... LMAO
  3. Dr.Gonzo

    Trippy GR

    What did that stamp have on it? and where can I purchase a roll of em???? LoL
  4. Dr.Gonzo

    March Madness!

    I'm with Bash on this.... lol
  5. Dr.Gonzo

    TWL vs TCZ Server Test Run

    Giants... backdoor approach... heh
  6. Dr.Gonzo

    i got a funny.

    LoL I like that
  7. Dr.Gonzo

    Texas BBQ Grill

    Giants you aint right dude. LoL
  8. Dr.Gonzo

    Dear John Letter

    f**k Yeah.... WHORE!!!!
  9. Dr.Gonzo

    Cable Speed

    Shit... you penis wrinkles all talkin' bout yer speeds n' shit. I got a cable connection that averages about 60 kb/s down, and I still kick your asses from time to time... so I'm not impressed.. FUCKERS
  10. Dr.Gonzo

    Anyone got a dip?

    LMAO tis Kodiak bubba... (spits)... want a dip? And Beav mentioned facial hair... ha, some call it a goatee, er fu mancu, whatever... i just call it a clit tickler, my own personal flavor saver. LoL
  11. Dr.Gonzo

    New baby :)

    Kinda sounds Italian to me... but thats just me
  12. Dr.Gonzo

    what a dumb ass

    ROFLMAO who the hell is that? Screw counter strike..... Good lord....
  13. Dr.Gonzo

    cure for porn

    Nah I gave up 70's porn a looong time ago.
  14. Dr.Gonzo


    Damn I'm glad I checked that forum... that website rocks!!!
  15. Dr.Gonzo

    New baby :)

    Sateon Leoni who? umm yeah whatever... never heard of it... but it looks badass. Sweet ride dude.