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  1. The Future of TUG

    Gotcha. You guys are always welcome in our server (it's always up but hardly anyone there), and I hope we can set up a match soon. Sorry for being disrespectful in the first post, I was kinda pissed (I hate getting banned). Sabicas.
  2. The Future of TUG

    I have no interest in cheating, and we screen our players as often as need be. If you watch the replays you will see. How do you think we were cheating anyway Leethp? I wouldn't have even wasted my time posting in here, but most members of our clan enjoy playing in your server. It seems you have a few ban-happy members, though. Seriously, if you ever think one of us is cheating send the leaders (Hardcore, Realn4cer, Ky) the replays so they can remove those players from the roster. Thnx. Sabicas.
  3. The Future of TUG

    If you keep banning people that beat your ass, you'll end up playing with yourselves. Just a thought.... Take care. Sabicas.