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  1. Medic

    A little confirmation?

    As a former admin on a few different ladders, I have know of Vision for a few years. Back when he was with Sealz, then DDC. There has always been accusations of cheating against him but the times I have investigated I could never find anything. Vision is a pretty good player and I attribute a lot of his success to playing the game endless hours. The biggest problem with Vision is that he is a young player with a temper that cannot be held because of immaturity. This is not a knock on him rather an explanation. Because he gets accused a lot he is constantly having to defend himself and frustration and temper cause him to be a bit caustic with his own defense. I dont believe he cheats but he can get annoying.
  2. Medic

    Reporting for Duty

    Greetings TUG, Medic here checking in. Having completed the membership request last week, I hope to be accepted by TUG as a recruit. I was on TS2 today and met Flya and Wolverine, thanks for making me feel welcome. I look forward to being a part of the team and killing many, many bad guys with you. Peace!