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  2. A little confirmation?

    i ent even gonna shrink to your level noob, who said i wanted to play in ur server i want me friggin name cleared. Ive had it done from every server who banned me b'cos they thought i was cheating. But i wasnt, so they looked at the replays and saw that i was good, summit that ur not leethp. Ur a noob who tries to play GR and act the big man with ur homo m8 flya. All i want is my name cleared and my ip un-banned. Oh and btw, if u KNOW i cheat and u wont bother to look at replays then u mite aswell kick me off TWL? huh? if ur that sure, go ahead b cos widout proofu got shit and guess wat? there ent no proof. So how bout u go try to play GR in UBI ok?
  3. A little confirmation?

    ^ See what i mean?
  4. A little confirmation?

    umm, thanks, i think...i can get annoying? In what way am i annoying, ur right i do get annoyed when people ban me, because i dont cheat. I just dont see how i am annoying. People say im immature but if they just took a look at themselves, they're not much different, if ppl didnt know my age they'd treat me with alot more respect and wudnt do or say half the things that sum ppl have alrdy done.
  5. A little confirmation?

    k, thanks
  6. A little confirmation?

    Its jus a clan called [XtU] with me and a friend who loves 10 min away from me, take the mick out of it all u want idc, we won our 1st TWL 2v2 match on monday with kidbuster. And yeh it does work.
  7. A little confirmation?

    I actually cant beleive u. I dont cheat, i never have cheated, cheaters are losers who dont have the skill to play without them. I wasnt using names, the only reason i was finding you probably because leethp was telling you where i was on teamspeak, so in fact u were finding me! Give me a game with kidbu$ter and ill show you how to play GR. Ive been playing this game on and off for 4 years, go figure, yeh sure i might have gotten a bad rep for some of the mistakes ive made: joining devil dogs the main one but i have never cheated and i dont appreciate the bad repuatation ur giving me by these accusations. If you dont have the intelligece to cheack replays and to use ur opinionated guesswork then you have no right. Like i said, play with kidbu$ter and you'll see no change in the way i play or act because i dont cheat. If you dont have ranks then i'd like to speak someone more mature such as beaver who is also a TWL admin. Thx for wasting my time..Vision
  8. A little confirmation?

    Im not talking about that night im talking about during the afternoon a couple of days after the banning in the TAW server when u were telling flya where i was on hunting lodge, but i was still killing him and when u and flya everygame decided to gimp me ok?...leethp u dont even know me so stay out of this, grow up and let higher ranking, more mature members of your clan handle this situation ok?
  9. A little confirmation?

    A few weeks ago now, i was banned by benny from the TUG 100mbit NYC server. I wasnt being rude, swearing or doing anything innapropiate. The only thing that i can think of is that he thought i was cheating. I was not cheating and they didnt even bother to look at replays or tell me that they thought i was cheating. A few days later i joined the TAW server, i was then harrased by flya, swearing at me, calling me a plain cheater, gimping me every game and gennerally being a twat. Cud someone grown up enuf in TUG plz do summit about it, ive alrdy seen posts by other members of teh GR community post in here about bannings, seems like some members dont take to kindly to be owned. Vision.