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    GR3 is renamed....

    Thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard, is it true its actually been cancelled? Anyone know.

    extreme skydiving

    You could say one of two things. That guy is either very experienced, or mindless. I would lean towards... MINDLESS!

    No Idea

    Yea you bet I have. I downloaded Microsofts Beta Anitspyware program. So far everything is back to normal! I greatly appretiate your help. I was about to go crazy, because I tried practically everything, updating video driver, defrag, norton scan, looked for corrupt processes, everything. Thanks again for your help!

    No Idea

    Okay thanks, I will look into that. I'm just suprised Norton, or its firewall don't pick up any of that. Well thats norton for you! Plus I'm not real in tune with this spyware crap. I don't even get how it works. But, hey at least you gave something new to look into, because I am fresh out of ideas. THANKS!
  5. Anyone have a general idea of why my GR would minimize w/o any reason, every three and half minutes or so? I've been having this problem for a couple weeks now and nothing is indicating a problem. You name it I've probably already tried it. I'll give you the specifications when I get a hold of them in a few hours.

    My apologies

    Okay I was just sending him my information, for other reasons not relative to this forum also.

    My apologies

    Ok TuG, and Toe I will send you the information anyway. Yea I usually use the TX server, sometimes I'm in NY's but like you guys said their is usually tug in their. I always considered tug an alley, whether thats true or not tug is a good group and server, I hope to continue playing with you guys. Please don't look at this as anything really serious, I'm just trying to help out when their aren't any tug on to coordinate the server.

    My apologies

    Okay yea the Tx server was the one i usually attended anyway. The password was the same anyway wasn't it? No matter, its nice to hear from you again toe. When you say ICQ do mean send I private message to you or contact you using the ICQ program, I'm afraid I'm not familiar with it. I'll send you a message just to be sure.

    My apologies

    Dear Tug, I had the GR server passwords for a few weeks until they changed. I assumed it was because someone found out I had it. I was under the understanding that everyone knew. It was givin to me by a Tug member. I didn't mean to cause any trouble. I only used the password when their weren't any tug available to edit the server. This worked well when we had over the maximum of nine people in a coop game, so that I was able to change it so everyone was able to play. I apologize for not notifiying Tug of the situation, but I can assure you that I didn't even give away the password to my own clan members. If you feel generous, I would be happy if you entrusted it with me again, with you full knowledge that I actually have it. I'm usually on with only one or two other tugs, so if they left and we got a crowd I would want to keep things running smoothly for your server. I don't know Tug's policies on the distribution of the pass to members outside the clan, thats why I would like your input. I was pretty close to trying to enrole in the clan anyway. In the mean time I again apologize I don't exactly no how much trouble I may have caused, but please take this submission as my confession and apology.