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  1. Hello tug from WDA

    bev you play gr lol ok well i'll see you at the tcz vs twl.If you show up Buddy And when you take the time to come to someone's site and ask a question and it' takes a month to not even get a answer then. Yea i'll be moddy bulldog heheh Here is when i post the frist time Apr 29 2005, 11:48 PM But because the bev loves me heheh I set a date in admin comms
  2. Hello tug from WDA

    Well glad to see that you can at least post back Thax for nothing
  3. Hello tug from WDA

    Gent's hello and i like the site.. Plz check ours out www.walkingdeadarmy.com I'm here to set up twl match plz let me know time and date. I have posted in admin comms on twl let me know if those times and dates will work.