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I am an avid gamer of WWII type games as well as allfirst person War games. I started playing MOHand now have been playing COD for the last 2 years. It's one of the best WWII games i have ever played. I also play MVP Baseball from EA. I play online games about 20 hr per week.


I met another of your members and he turned me on to your clan. He invited me to check it out, so I did. I am not a kid and I am veryrespectful of all players online. I have never used or will use any cheat devices or codes aat anytime.


I would like to join your clan for the fun a being part of a team. I have played for many years online and havent found the right clan to join until NOW. You guys seem to be in it for the fun, and to have fun. I like that attitude.


Please consider me for you clan :)

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For info - check the [Junk] Email box in your Hotmail account for the above replies.


It is often the case that Email is directed to the [Junk] folder unless the sender is listed in your Hotmail Contacts.


You may find you have a [1] or [2] showing next to the [junk] folder.. ;)

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