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The Unknown Ghosts

Thoughts on the full game

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well did you really need to read this :), Great looking game with unreal potential, single player is good looking but lacks like so many with the gameplay itself, when you soot someone close range they die but long range to medium they do not, headshot/bodyshots it takes so many to down an enemy, poor really why cant these fool just make a game right i mean they took so long, most game makers go to great lenghts to get the feel and noise of weapons right and then **** up on the shooting, maybe they should try and shoot each other then see if it really does take 10 shots to kill, im sure they would get a biiiiiiiiiiiiggggggg suprise when it blows there ****in head clean off with 1, yes 1 shot. :). well thats my five minutes of single player done, but i will play it a bit more as it looks sooo nice.




I dont know what to say, what have they done what a **** up, thats got to be the worst MP ever, oh sorry there was Farcry, oh shite its the sequal, well its exactly the same crap, it does look good though but not my cup of tea, i doubt i will play it again in fact im throwing it out the window now and boy it still looks good:).


Hey if you guys could make a mod of this say in a co-op mode with graw like soldiers it would be good, runs real smooth as well no lag in MP and smooth as silk in SP.


You read it fool :)


Now go on and buy it.

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