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The Unknown Ghosts

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Hello, im WFP Jeffers



We realy want to play vs you guys on the ED Hardcore ladder



S&D 5vs5 or 6vs6


we can play al days accept wensdays , so please let me know or challenge us on ED


So if you have a date please contact me


WFP (Wolfpac)



xfire= pv2jeffers

msn= jeffrey_ajax_amsterdam@hotmail.com



Cheers guys we looking forward to it

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hey everyone!


in order no one answered here WFP Jeffers wrote to me again on XFire

and asked me for a 5v5 HC Ladder on ED against them(organizers?Beaver..)


Whatever, i for my part cant play tonight i have to work


if anyone has questions please contact him via xfire(name is pv2jeffers)





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