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Im getting worried he hasnt been on regulary lately and i think he may have met, i dont like to say it but a woman(but take away the wo :0)), so where has he been hiding all suggestion and pics on a post card to his house, if you do manage to see him DO NOT go near hime as he snores :P:D:eek:


Beavers House


Surrey (Its london really)

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I'm still here - its just that unlike you sad ****s, I've been 'going outside' and doing things for the last couple of weeks!! :eek:


Have been to 3 comedy shows in the last 3 weeks and enjoyed them all - Lee Evans at the o2 on saturday night was great fun. :D


Will be back online now more that my extra activies have come to an end, although I am waiting to see if my tickets for the new 'IT Crowd' series show tapings come through soon and I can go watch it being made! :rolleyes:

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