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Sion posted on the Flashpoint forum

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the boss man from the operation flashpoint team (apparently) posted on the flashpoint forums last night. The news is not great


He was asked about the work done on dedicated server files.


Dedicated servers you say?


I can assure you we have not been ignoring you, we have been dealing with issues on a priority basis and obviously the connection issues amongst other things have been top priority over the last 120 hours.


I hear the calls but cannot promise anything at this stage, its not under development right now. More news if that changes




people are pretty mad about this, at least he is taking time to let us know the truth may be they will fix the browser so we can actualy find each others servers though.


read it for yourself HERE

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oh dear - how do they expect anyone to play this game and make missions etc if there's no way to run a dedicated server!!


People just dont have the ability to host a 32 slot server on home connections, unless you live in sweden and have 100mb.... wankers I say!

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