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The Unknown Ghosts
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05/11 - Patch+DLC Released - Download Details

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05/11 - PC Skirmish DLC and Patch Download Locations You can download the patch and DLC from any one of the locations below.


The below mirror site download locations should become live and active at around 3pm today.










Big Download






Official Torrent



For further details about what is contained in the patch and Skirmish DLC you can use the links below:


Patch fixlist


Skirmish DLC Content

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Installed and had a quick play - there are 2 cool single missions for exploring the island in day or night.


You basically spawn in an airfield with lots of vehicles around - jeeps, tanks, helo's etc and can then just explore all round the island with your fireteam, no enemies.


Good idea for find areas to make maps/missions I guess. :)

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