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R8 - Server Update

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I have updated our server this morning to the latest release 8, details below:


  • Workaround for the “player manages to join server twice” crash. Now the server detects this and refuses the player entry. Client might hang but it will not take down the server as well.
  • Workaround for the “cannot join player to any team” crash. Teams might get uneven, most notably SQDM sessions with 5v3 players, but the server should no longer crash.
  • Game sends PB output to pbucon (so pb webtool can be used to run PB commands and see their results)

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Ok, is PB still off and is it filling now?

Well it had people on it last night for a while as R7 with PB off.


After I updated it to R8 this morning, I turned PB back on to do a test, but only you joined it.


Once the current issues are resolved at EA, will turn it on without PB running to see what happens.

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