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Worth the wait'

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yer it is worth the 4 years we have been waiting since they announced bf3. Played last night for a few hours and it is amazing! I am going to be playing this for along time to come!


If you have origin preload you can play now don't have to wait just change your proxy to Korea during install


Feel like christmas !

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it isnt in UK but in korea it was released yesterday at 4pm UK time hence the proxy server use to install

its very easy, in windows 7 go to proxy settings clcik advanced and use this proxy and port 3128 put it in all the boxed and untick the box below.

click apply and boom! your in korea!!!

install the game then cancel the proxy settings and play.... easy

but if you get banned its not my fault although EA have said there is not restrictions on using proxy servers.

if you need more details just ask but i can tell you it does work as i was plying all last night and this morning!!!

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well im using a different comp so not really fair comparison but i had zero lag on most server felt very very smoot and fast

one server had stuttery game play but every one was complaining about it and then it crashed so must have been server.


I am in love with this game already and have been looking forward to getting back home to play it all morning after only playing it for a couple of hours but i do admit it is hardware intensive and if your playing on a comp below min specs it would be frustrating.


compaired to the beta the interface and ingame option are very much improoved and the server browser seem responsive and easy to use havnt tried much in the way of team play/finding friends yet or in game voice etc...

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not sure if i am going to get it...i'm not the hardcore gamer anymore haha

played the beta and it was really, really dissatisfying. when i was able to join a server (maybe 3 or 4 times in a total) the game lagged really bad.

so at the moment still a thumbs down for me.

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pre ordered from amazon....still kin waiting ffs whats the point of pre ordering if it dosnt turn up on the day and i can go to sainsburys and pick one off the shelf... looks like im gonna have to spend the night pulling the wings off of flys......

if its not here in the morning im going to sainsburys... so i will be late to the battlefield...

better be worth the wait



knowledge is wasted on fools!

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