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The Unknown Ghosts

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How to apply for membership to .TuG.


There are 2 ways to apply for membership to .TuG., listed in order of preference.


1. Fill out our a post in this forum, including the following information:

  • Game you are applying for
  • Real Name
  • Age + Date of Birth
  • Location/Country
  • Online/In-Game Name
  • Email Address to be contacted at
  • Any other info

2. Email our Recruiting Officer [bulldog] with your details.


Recruiting Officer: recruit@tugteam.com


Include the same info as above.


Things you should do before making an application.


1. Please come and play with us regularly and get to know us - we can usually be found playing on the .TuG. Dedicated Servers - listed on the main page of our website.


What happens next?


1. When you are finally accepted as a .TuG. Recruit - you will be asked to add the .TuGr. tag to your name, thus indicating to all members you are a new recruit.


There is no minimum or maximum trial period, you will constantly be assessed by the clan members who will make recomendations to the Recruiting Officer as to your suitability.


2. Once a Recruit has been accepted as a Full Member, you will be asked to remove the 'r' and become a full .TuG. You will then be given the status and privelages that go with it. (Server Admin Password details, etc.)


3. Sometimes, based on the individual, we may allow certain players to waive the recruit stage and become full members.


Please read the current Code Of Conduct, which can be found as a sticky in this forum also.

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