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  1. Dogs


    Hi LAds Sorry I aint been on lately.. Ive been away the odd weekend, busy with work, building a web site and I have to admit playing a bit of Xbox FIFA08. Hence I just aint fired up GRAW. I am away now on hols to the Caribbean until 30/10/08.. After which Ill be on. See you then Carlo
  2. Oh shit.... It was late and id had a beer
  3. Can it be this cheap now.. http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/productpage.asp?productcode=RM02087&title=tom_clancys_ghost_recon_3_-_advanced_warfighter_(dvd_rom)
  4. Last night I managed to get a key code from Gamespot for the beta demo. They seem to be giving them away at the moment. Had a quick look at it although me and xbox shooter games doesnt go well together. My first impressions were that its a BF2 / COD3 clone. It appears to be fast passed frag hunting type game. Ill try and get some more time on it shortly so that I can get a better opinion. Unfortunatly I just dont seem to be able to find a bush or rock to park my ass under.
  5. Thany You all very much. Ive found you all great to get on with, and look forward to many nights of beating the crap out of each other. PS My MSN messanger is csx1@hotmail.com Im pretty much on this all the time when at work and home.
  6. Hi all Just a post to introduce myself as im up for a trial at GRAW2. My name is Carlo and I live near Bath/Bristol in the UK. I am an older mature guy, although Im up for a good laugh and can run with the best of them. My online name is Dogs formally DogsBollocks although I dropped me Bollocks recently . Im an engineering manager and a part time web designer. I have a family with 2 boys My Pedigree Originally long ago in a galaxy far far away I played Ghost recon as a way of life - When this died I move on to CSS for the last 3 years, GRAW1 come out and I wasnt too happy with is hence just dabbled in it. GRAW2 I find much more fluid so I am now looking to play it regularliy and get in a GRAW community. I also play LOTRO (cough). Ive pretty much retired from CSS. Experiences Founded, Designed and developed naturalkillers.com and cellx.co.uk Still actually CL of this although ive allowed it to scale right down. Able to do server, web design forums etc although I am looking to stand back from this as I find there arnt enough hours in the day, what with family, work and my web design stuff. Other Info Usually on GRAW most night for about an hour and longer weekends. Tend to come on later in the evening although I am usually about on my PC early doing other stuff. Best contacted on Messanger/email as csx1@hotmail.com Blog : www.saltalamacchia.co.uk Web : www.softpages.co.uk Catch you all on TS.
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