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  1. Rig update for me I thinks... won't run on xp??
  2. Few of the guys have oc/ed. are u saying i have a small case? lol.. its a coolermaster stacker.... xxx guys did a 2nd lan with more people but i didnt go as i was busy. ill try find the link.
  3. We both have bc2 add bl4ckm4fi4 i think you already have me?. We are doing a 2nd lan party maybe for next month.
  4. Myself, mafia and the rest of the XXX snipersonly clan did our first mini lan! went great. Heres a small video Before you ask.. mafia is wearing the grey tshirt with the green hulk body.. and im humping my case at the start...FUN!
  5. haha... 1bed flat here would cost me £120k easy
  6. I really like this game alot, feels alot like bf2 which i loved!.. Shame it doesn't run as well as i had hoped. amd athlon 4200 x2 (2.21ghz) 2gig ddr ram zotac 9800gt 512mb 1680x1050, all settings low 25-45fps before u say buy a new system, i'm saving for a house so yup sucks
  7. I got my copy today too!, i will install tonight. I can't log into your teamspeak no longer. Different password?
  8. Aw... well u guys better let me know how the game is, ill just wait for demo or something
  9. I did think about it but... (Game.co.uk) £24.99, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ((((Limited Edition)))), Double reward points & includes 6 early unlocks. (Play.com) £26.99, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC BETA Access) ill just hope game give a key out also
  10. I preordered my copy from game. I didn't see anything about beta key tho
  11. He is good thanks. Just been given a pc as his old 1 decided to die.. But he should be on your ts some time. just sorting out his games/patches n stuff but he will be back .
  12. Done! £9.99 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition (PC) And yes i used my game points too! ... M4fi4 & myself gone back to playing bf2 with friends as we did before.. and guess what! i still have my mw2(360) game sealed
  13. Hi, i did buy it from morrisons on xbox for £25.99 as it was on deal for 3 days. I think its now upto £40 again so i might re-sell it... not even opened it.
  14. i left my feelings about the mw2 news in the topic...

  15. WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!!! whos fucking idea was that then.. FUCK U N00bs with ur LADYBOI consoles! ITS ALL ABOUT PCs... because they don't have the brain power to use a mouse and keyboard at the same time... FFS!! *PS i have signed the Petition sorry for the language... I take back some of what was said.. as i did buy it for xbox
  16. seems to be working ok now.... i didnt change anything lol
  17. i'm going to try using a different keyboard but i'm 90% sure its fine... It happens when i press any key, only used backspace as it seems to make that beeping sound aswell. And yes i'm stil able to login, using it at the moment to write this
  18. the sound was my pc.... like i would be pressing down on to many keys
  19. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wJOXX-pGp_4 what do u think?
  20. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mB6fq9Aadwk&feature=related sorry but this video is so funny... had to show it. love the gore edition.. (shit in your mouth)
  21. i have it on preorder for both pc and xbox360 i would say PC tho!!!
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