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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I have been busy doing some updates to the main website this weekend and have a couple of great additions. First off we have a new Server page which details our TS3 & BF3 server details & secondly we have a new BF3 Leaderboard/Stats page which has all our members added. You can click on a players name to get a full list of all their stats or alternatively link through to BF3stats.com (this is where we are pulling the stat info from) or link through to the players stats on Battlelog. Please give any feedback/issues you have on the new pages here in this thread, thanks. I will hopefully be adding some additional pages to the site in the coming weeks as time allows.
  2. Hey all, I have now finished the 1st draft layout for our Roster page. So far I have only added Names, Country & Games. In the Games column, you can click the BF3 graphic to go straight to your Player stats on Battlelog. Check it out here: www.tugteam.com/roster/ and please let me know if any of the info is wrong, links are wrong etc or if you'd like alternative information added! Thanks.
  3. Hi All, As its the new year & I finally had 5 minutes free to myself (while being ill!) I decided to start on a new main website for TuG in 2012. Gone is the old Joomla CMS and in comes the new Wordpress 3.3 with a nice premium theme, and lots of options to play with! Over the next few weeks, I will be getting the new site up and running & adding new content along with some actual news posts on the new main site. There will be Twitter integration, RSS Feeds from various gaming sites & some other cool stuff. oh and we are now on Twitter as clan/community! For those of you that use Twitter, follow @tugteam for all the latest updates on the new main website & forums. As always, I hope you guys will give some input and feedback into the new site & let me know what you'd like to see in the RSS feeds, along with any other cool things that could be included. So what are you waiting for... go check out the new site: www.tugteam.com
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