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Christmas Cheer


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Thought I might share my latest 'Secret Santa' creation with you all. I made it using a pot of "Van Helsing Slime" from the pound shop and a set of plastic creatures from the 'Early learning centre' called life-cycle of a frog.

The label I made up using various web images..


The story behind it is this:


When ashore in Belize my current Boss was sitting, slightly drunk on a bench along with an RAF drinking buddy. Turning to my Boss the RAF guy says, "Watch this.." picks up a tiny bright green frog from the grass and 'seemingly' eats it - unknown to my boss he had just thrown it over his shoulder and made the necessary chewing motions..


Not one to be outdone by a 'crab-fat', my boss says "Thats f**k all.. " and grabs a slightly bigger one of an almost flourescent green and chomps it down..


Now all was fine for about half an hour.... then it was projectile vomiting etc etc.. needless to say after a medical examination he was rushed to hospital where he spent over a week on a drip, the authorities were close to flying his family out in order to issue the last rites, but he eventually pulled through.. Due mainly in some part to his rather large size.. a smaller man would have probably died.


I'm sure we all know about those nasty bright green tree-frogs etc., sometimes called 'Poison Arrow' frogs, don't we? Best not to eat them then eh!?


So the story told here is my 'Secret Santa' gift to my boss:


A jar of Pot-Frog




and the latest issue of Amphibian Chef Magazine:





HO Ho HO - Merry Christmas!!

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