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The Unknown Ghosts

Bust my comp again :(

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got a nasty viras that infected my service.exe file


i got VERY angry and deleted the file .... bad mistake!!!!!


now i just get a black screen and a mouse pointer ... thats it ..... no windows no nothing....


so im currently digging around for my xp disk which has gone missing





see ya all soon and have a wicked good christmas :xmasnaughty:

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:excl: It sounds like an infection of Worm.Win32.Raleka.a.


If an attack is successful a program file called 'down.com' is created and run on the victims machine. This program loads the files 'svchost32.exe (the worm file), 'service.exe' (a auxiliary file that loads services) and 'ntrootkit.exe' (Backdoor.RtKit).


By destroying your Service.exe file your machine can no longer run any services.. oops.


Technical Details from Symantec: HERE


Details from VirusList.com: HERE

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