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I've seen it - This unit retails at ?199 in PC World.


I have also found the GeForce 6600GT 128MB AGP for ?158 at Planet Micro, ?145 at Dabs and the next model up, the 128MB GF 6800TD by MSI for a (close) ?194.


So have a good shop around before you spend all your hard earned cash on a PC World 'Promise' of stamping down on prices (my erse)..


Christmas just gone and still got all that money to spend!? Send it down to Dunfermline if you want!.. I'm a charity case.. honest.. :blush:

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Originally posted by .TuG.Beaver@Dec 26 2004, 12:13 PM

Was crusing round PC World this morning looking for some bargains and found myself a birthday present. :) (30th december FYI)


A BFG Tech - GeForce 6600 GT OC AGP 8. 128mb - it rocks!



Hello there: Wish you & Family ''WELL wishs'' I WAS READING ...no quotes please.That you can run 2graphics cards on the new AMD Athlon 64 939Pins Motherboards,when you buy a NVIDIA nForce4 SLI PCI Express, if you bought 2 graphics cards,not one..you say..? well,its this when i not playing online,or in emails of forms,i in the wishes of building a computer,i copied pages as if in a dog race,lost you,sorry for that,that motherboard ASUS A8N -SLI Deluxe AMD Athlon 64 &FX Socket 939,the spics is ...it supports NVIDIA cards,its a Motherboard of the Future,bit class above i can manage an support,i like the deals on the next board down,the Express graphics cards not peaked yet,i read it,other companies might sell you on support ,don't believe all,srry long story & maybe you didn't need to read the newspaper yet ,lookin..at this post,Iwish you 'the best an be well'

P.S. : http://www.Tigerdirect.com an find mothboard specs,so this year get ,say wife i need a birthday present.THK'S man all the rights i get from this website, it ' ROCKS' BYE! SEE YOU IN A GAME IF I NOT DREAMING OF MY NEW COMP... :unsure:

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