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The TUG Code of Conduct


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I Think what UD might be on about is about last night when Flya got abusive to a guest on our server when flya got accidently TKed and after the game the person who TKed him said sorry and flya got abusive and i forgot some one else joined in with flya so i asked flya to not be disrepectfull to our guest as we would never start on any your guest on your server.

I hope this can be sorted out quickly and ammicably thanks



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Beaver didnt write your rules of conduct, to imply that they were to be followed only on the SAF server which is why there is no reference to SAF, Beaver wrote those to imply that that is the way you are supposed to act on all servers as that is the way you would prefer people to act on your server.


Chopped down for easy reading.


1. Respect fellow members as individuals and recognise the authority of senior members. If you are asked to do something by a senior member whilst playing online, then please do it.


2. Never use racial, religious or sexually intolerant language against another member or another online player. This will give the team a bad name and you may be dismissed.


3. Never display un-sporting or childish behaviour towards a fellow member or another online player. This will give the team a bad name and you may be dismissed.


5. Respect the Host of the server you may be playing on, and follow any rules that are being enforced. If a Host asks you to move teams, or stop moaning, or stop asking for maps, then: Just Do It.

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never heard such BS lies in all my life

Lee was there as was outcold

all that was said to xander (who never actually TK'd me, it was outcold 3 times so get ur facts str8 1st eh wizard)

was to put the safety back on the MM1 cos he was such a noob with that gun...........the guy took it in the spirit it was meant.....as a joke.................the only people who seemed to have a problem regarding it was wiz & UD but I personally feel they were just using any excuse to reprimand me

as for the lies regarding me slaggin UD's mother off.

well I aint even gonna dignify it with a response.

if u have a personal issue with me, be big enuff to come out n say it

dont hide behind lies & BS

ffs ur supposed to be GROWN-UPS now lololol

I think from now on I will just let the oicw do the talkin B)

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Well the easiest course of action is dont come back to the SAF server, if you cant behave, cause the next thing ya do to contravene your own Code of conduct will get ya banned from the SAF server.




And it wasnt my mother it was my missus. (you can say what you like about my mother cause its probably true)

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UD y did u boot me? doesnt that contravene ur own code of conduct??

then telling lies about me and general being faceaous towards me

ALL of the above u r guilty of as r some other members of saf


and maybe others will follow ur lead.


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I feel i must post as UD appears to be watching this thread develop :P



Don't worry Flya i had a look at the "friendlist clans" forum today and it looks like it is really easy to get kicked/banned, i only wish i had stayed on a bit longer last night.


It is not my intention to aggravate any one but if i do and this thread continues so be it :lol:


Will check back in a couple of hours.

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Lookin at all this made me have to post..... :excl:


Guys since wen did this game become a real war? this is a game and so wat if sum1 gives another a hard time whoopidoo its all in good will and every1 is having a laugh (except saf) obviously. <_<



Com on now saf cant say they have never said anything out of line on sum1s server because every1s done it.


Grow up and take the banter as it comes.



flya m8 not every1 has our sense of humer m8 but like we say dont worry bout it :)

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Well this started with a friendly word from one clan to another this morniing with me and Wizzy. As usual a bunch of girls have now turned this into a personal vendetta and made a thread that is just too childish. This thread is now locked.


Sorry Wizzy, we tried sorting it out the nice way, but if you have a problem with the lock, take it to your own forums, I ain't putting up with this Bullshit!!!

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