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=FC= & =SEALZ= Server - Lock Down


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Just thought you'd like to know why the =FC= & =SEALZ= Server now requires a password to join.


As from 17th March they have closed the server to public. In order to join the server, you must now visit FC or Sealz websites & apply.


Thay want your First & Last names, valid email address, player name, clan name, etc.


Then they'll decide if they give out the PW to you, so you can join.


Apparantly it's to stop cheaters & give the FC & SEALZ more time on the server.


What are your thoughts on this?

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Mmmmm Don't have to worry about cheaters on TUG, I can't remember the last time I saw any players on TUG!!!


Still I like the idea but maybe just weekend lockdowns and leave servers open during the week to encourge people in. After all, give them a chance to get to know us before applying or we'll just get players registering and playing once and going elsewhere leaving us with password changes and lots of extra admin. Don't know about you but that's time I could be playing!!!!

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