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The Unknown Ghosts

neV_Ver or neV-Ver,(What a name)


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...Hello all TuG !

I would like to express my many thanks for being able to play in your GhostRecon Server,just yesterday i was going to play in your server,so i took out old name,when i typed in the box to sign,i clicked accept an went on to play,joined your server,near instant i was disconnected,why..? Its just this,me half a sleep ask ToeJam,i printed in the server box not the name,talk about time going with a blank I.D. ,it sure slowed things down,got it corrected.thks.Its nice to use a server that works well,not with them over-writes printed in,to make you use your own support in playing the game,ToeJam i worked on that sound card in the chair,sleeping ,so i went to bed,that helped,i wanted to thank you an NY Giant for the Team help in the games other night ,same to Elmo,an Dr. GonZo,good team playing ,Ido need one thing if any can help to play using a name that is called ''Registered''...That is what i call it,Please send me a post or any help to this problem i have,thank-you !

I downloaded ICQ today,added or updated it,an i seen a page link to me an Attackforcez web site on the ICQ page,i unclicked the link to impose on ICQ website,the attack force don't got the goods,when one uses these web tools.

I will be silent with saying '' i wait your help''

P.S. THANK-YOU-TuG for all i got here. neV_Ver ...! .!

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