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i23 - Multiplay LAN Event


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After talking with a few of the guys I know through TWL I decided to attend this years i23 LAN event from Mutliplay.co.uk


Full details available here: http://www.multiplay.co.uk/i23/


Its going to be done over the easte weekend in march - 25th - 28th - and there are 900 slots available for BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer).


The location for the event is Newbury Racecourse.


I'll be driving down there on the thrusday (24th) evening after picking up someone from Luton Airport who's coming from Holland for it.


If you guys are interested in coming along, then cool. :)


The price is ?75 for the 4 days or you can come as a spectator (?5) on any day.


http://www.multiplay.co.uk/i23/ - for full info.

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Any of the northwest tugs interested in going, ethier for a day or the weekend?


Could be a laugh and a really good excuse to drink lots (as if one is needed) of alcohol.


Check link above in beavers post entrance fee gets u tent spec so cost can be kept to a minimum.

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ok ive registered with site n reserved me seat just gotta pay for it now

some 1 has to drive us there may as well b me (as Im certain I have the fastest car) B)

B.T.W Lee

if ur a nervous passenger............u may wanna consider being sedated for the journey :D


ask G!

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