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Advice please

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:huh: There are so many 'decent' headsets around nowadays the choice is bewildering.


You should set yourself a budget and try and stick to it. That way you can narrow the field.


Check out "Logitech", "Altec Lansing", "Plantronics" and for the deep-of-pocket, "Sennheiser" as possible manufacturers.


For a start take a look at the "Plantronics DSP-500" on Amazon.co.uk to see what you are getting for your money.. This headset seems to have some reasonable reviews and having used one myself I can say that the sound was 'crystal'... about ?55


or if money is not an object then have a look for the "Sennheiser PC155 Binaural Headset USB", which is about ?98..


But don't forget to shop around and have a look in all the usual hardware forums and review sites (like computer-shopper). ^_^

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Sennheiser pc150 is teh sweet & I'm purchasing soon.


Currently I have 'Game' brand headset with boom mic that does me well as it covers the ears fully, so I can hear all the sounds better. But they dont sell them anymore (was only 14 notes)


Check out these nice puppies:











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