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The Unknown Ghosts

i23 seating plan


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Originally posted by .TuG.Beaver@Mar 16 2005, 08:38 PM

Think I should email & ask if Flya & Psyc can be moved next to the IO guys - so they sit opposite G*Force & Leethp? (That way we are all contained together)


That would be a nice idea, as it is the first time most of us will be meeting, it would be good to spend tme togeather

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I got an email back from the seating guys.


Things have moved around a bit on R2, have another look nd let me know if

it's ok :)






Although they havent updated the download yet - so I cant check r2 to see where we've been moved to.


I really hope we're still on the Ground Floor.

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Originally posted by .TuG.Flya@Mar 22 2005, 08:22 PM

lookin like thurs eve beeva we will check into hotel then drive across to venue I got ur moby so I will give u a call


P.S. did u find out if we're close to the bar? :P


Unless you booked early arrival slots - I dont think they will let you into the venue.


And I have no idea where the bar is yet. :)

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