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March Madness!

Toe Jam

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It is that time of year again...March Madness! And once again my COWBOYS are heading to the Big Dance with visions of another Final 4 appearance.


This team certainly has the talent to get there, and we've actually scored a pretty decent bracket.


6'7" Forward that bench presses 410lbs (186kg) (29 stones).


The one that sent the Orangemen packing...the one that demolished OU at home...the one that took 3 away from Tech including the Big 12 tournament title. Bye Bye SE Louisiana, first round done, NEXT!


For those in need of a printable bracket and updates...here is a linky for you: NCAA TOURNAMENT BRACKET


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Hey Toe!


Why watch a game of overpaid, unaturally vertically enhanced, grown men throw a ball around a gym court, deep inside a hall, away from natural weather conditions?


A game gently played by odd-shaped men, with balls....


Instead, you could be watching a game of underpaid, built like brick shit houses - men, that refuse to grow up, playing outdoors in all weather conditions instead!


A game played by gentlemen, with odd shaped balls...!


Give blood, play rugby!

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Bundu.. :)


I am an Alumni of the University discussed. Its collegiate level basketball, no pay. Just books, tuition and housing if you get a scholarship. Only one making big dollars is the University and Coaches.


Overpaid would be the NBA.


I also watch OSU, football, wrestling and baseball.


It's an Alumni thing...




P.S. University of Texas Longhorns Suck Ass! Weeeeeeeeeee! First round.. BUH BYE!

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Point taken...


...still can't understand the rules of basketball, football (American version) and most of wrestling. Sort of understand baseball, but don't understand why its called a world series when the rest of the world doesn't take part!


I understand football (British and rest of the world version), but don't understand the people that watch it!


So I stick to the sports I do understand (or think I understand) - Rugby, Martial Arts and Motorbikes.


As for Alumni, my Alma Mater (University of South Africa) only communicates with me by sending a request for donations once a year, along with an out of date newsletter!


So go Springboks, kiai karateka and twist that wrist! :P

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Toe just likes watching the basketball players package's go up and down, that's why he watches, and did you guys notice he said he watched OU wrestling too? Probably because they are wearing next to nothing, and grabbing each others stuff if you know what I mean.

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