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The Unknown Ghosts

OMG - awesome

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It DOES look good, but I personally feel we have seen all this sort of hype before ....


We get to see the most Beautiful Hi-Res Screen shots, smooth flowing action etc., etc. (taken using the highest spec machine that only the likes of a commercial games manufacturer can afford) , only to be rather disappointed when the game is actually released and we attempt to gain the same experience through it's Multiplayer option(s), towhit we are greeted by cheats, a lack of online players and/or stuttering/glitchy Graphics!


I refer the honourable gentlemen to some previous games that we have tried with no particular success...

[a] BattleField 1942 (B) Battlefield Vietnam [c] Call of Duty [d] Soldner [e] Half Life 2 [f] America's Army and presently [g] Brothers in Arms:Road to Hill 30, which seems to suffer from a few sound problems and a poor control system where you cannot even go prone! Imagine that in WW2.. "sorry sarge I gotta keep my head up coz I can't lie down.."


Anyway, Having viewed the Hi-res movie clips at the above link, just have a look back down memory lane at "Delta-Force: BlackHawk Down".. my don't those 'new' graphics look familiar! <_<


Having had the previous versions of BF, which are now consigned to my shelf, I for one will not be pre-ordering this title .. just yet

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